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Nothing has changed here, the picture gallery is still the same. It still hosts all my landscape photos and travel images on an old, external site. (The link will open in a new browser tab or window, depending on your settings.)

I just felt I should drop some words of explanation, so here it goes.

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Picture this

This "legacy" site was launched in 2002, at the time when short domain names were still available. Its not very original title reflected my usual signature in correspondence with friends-and-family kind of partners. It was the shortest I could come up with: visitors had to type only seven characters in one of the two browsers available at the time. Both vanished since.

Some years before that, I had started using a relatively "serious" SLR camera during my travels, a Minolta 700si, and was becoming more and more frustrated by sticking paper prints into albums, never to be seen again.

Going online seemed like a logical move. I found a hosting service provider and registered a domain name.

Then bought a scanner, digitised several vacations' worth of negatives and went public.

Fifteen years later

The site grew slowly with each and every trip. I started to send word to fellow travellers notifying them of irregular updates. I gathered, there were people who liked my images, or at least were kind enough not to tell otherwise.

In 2007, way too late for film photography in general, I purchased a "new" camera, a used Hasselblad XPan. It opened the world around me in a completely new format, pretty literally. The world widened.

The picture gallery changed, too. The old content has left the home page and been since awaiting the complete removal. The page template was updated to become more visual. Verbose descriptions accompanying the images went away. Historic maps on front pages became interactive.

You probably could still call it old-fashioned, though.

Gallery updates

Rhine Run
A short holiday close to home, hiking on the Rhine Trail between castles and vines.Castle Katz with Loreley rock in the backgroundPerched • Castle Katz, Rhine Gorge, Germany
Hiking in the winter sun from the shores of Lake Achen in the Austrian Alps into the valleys of Karwendel mountains.Lake Achen, Tyrol, AustriaDown in the sky • Lake Achen, Tyrol, Austria
Settle on a boat built in 1931, and make your way slowly through Swedish countryside, from coast to coast. Like, very slowly.Göta Canal, SwedenSlow morning • Göta Canal, Sweden

Next journeys

2020 and beyond
2020 is almost there, and my holiday plans for the year are pretty much set. Unlike 2019, my journeys will keep me busy in Europe, for a change.

The season will start in January with a long-due visit to Austria. I will settle in a hotel at the Achen Lake and tour the vicinity on foot. If the weather holds, the scenery should be spectacular. – Done, see the link to the picture gallery in the section above.

The end of June will lead me to the Inner Hebrides (that is, Scotland). The exact route will depend on weather, but I hope to set foot on most of the largest islands, including Skye, Mull, Islay, Jura, Rùm, Coll, Eigg, and Colonsay. – Cancelled and moved to 2022.

Finally, the autumn is reserved for two hiking trails, in the Ardennes from Luxembourg to Belgium, and along the Rhine in Germany, beer vs wine, so to speak. – Find the link to the completed wine part in the section above.

And last but not least, 2021 will see me on a long and far ship passage across the Indian Ocean from Cape Town in South Africa to Sydney in Australia. Fingers crossed 😶. – This was also cancelled and moved in reshaped form to 2022.

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