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Nothing has changed here, the picture gallery is still the same, and still hosts all my landscape photos and travel images on an old, external site. The link will open in a new browser tab or window, depending on your settings. I just felt I should drop some words of explanation, so here it goes.

Picture this

This "legacy" site was launched in 2002, at the time when short domain names were still available. Its not very original title reflected my usual signature in correspondence with friends-and-family kind of partners. It was the shortest I could come up with: visitors had to type only seven characters in one of the two browsers available at the time. Both vanished since.

Some years before that, I had started using a relatively "serious" SLR camera during my travels, a Minolta 700si, and was becoming more and more frustrated by sticking paper prints into albums, never to be seen again.

Going online seemed like a logical move. I found a hosting service provider and registered a domain name.

Then bought a scanner, digitised several vacations' worth of negatives and went public.

Fifteen years later

The site grew slowly with each and every trip. I started to send word to fellow travellers notifying them of irregular updates. I gathered, there were people who liked my images, or at least were kind enough not to tell otherwise.

In 2007, way too late for film photography in general, I purchased a "new" camera, a used Hasselblad XPan. It opened the world around me in a completely new format, pretty literally. The world widened.

The picture gallery changed, too. The old content has left the home page and been since awaiting the complete removal. The page template was updated to become more visual. Verbose descriptions accompanying the images went away. Historic maps on front pages became interactive.

You probably could call it old-fashioned, though.

Gallery updates

White Space
Reaching out to the edge of pack ice along the coast of West Greenland, to Thule and beyond. "White space" refers to empty space surrounding the main subject in graphic design, the same as negative space in photography.Iceberg at sunsetSilk painting • Disko Bay off the coast of West Greenland
A winter holiday in the Dolomites, "a series of unique mountain landscapes of exceptional beauty", according to the World Heritage Committee. See for yourself!Snow and sun • Stolla Alm, Dolomites, Italy
True North
Perched at the top of Europe and populated by fewer people than visiting polar bears, Svalbard is an almost surreal place. Discovered by the Dutch in 1596, the archipelago is now administered by Norway, but mainly remains what it was during its whole history – terra nullius, no man's land.Gravneset, SvalbardSilver lining • Magdalenefjorden, Svalbard

Next journeys

2018 and beyond
Pictures from two weeks between September and October spent at Lake Maggiore in northern Italy and in Valais, Switzerland nearby are in the works, to be published just in a couple of weeks' time.

A journey to the Chilean fjords in April 2019 is confirmed, flights are booked, and I am very excited to return to Patagonia 13 years after my first visit!

2019 is not far away, and plans for its run slowly begin to materialize. The last week of June should find me aboard an old ship crossing Sweden from Gothenburg to Stockholm along the spectacular Göta Canal.

Though this is definitely too early to tell yet, the compass for my mountain break in the autumn currently points to Austria.

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Picture gallery

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