Hidden Italy: Pictures of an unknown country

Panoramic view of Cannero, Lake MaggioreThe photo book features 35 rare panoramic pictures from Northern Italy

Hidden Italy is the newest entry in the growing collection of exquisite coffee table photo books featuring my pictures.

I thought it would deserve its own page, though, for several reasons.

  • It contains ten more pages than previous photo book editions.
  • In a destination presumably known by many, it takes you to places you have never been before and offers views only seen by a few.
  • It meets the same high-quality standards as you are used to from other book and print editions.

Sounds good? Read on!

What you get

The photographs

Where in the world: The views are here

The book contains 35 selected panoramic pictures taken during three week-long journeys.

As you can see on the map, the places are far beyond major tourist centres, even any cities of size.

The Stelvio National Park and the upper Adige river valley are in the far north-west of South Tyrol, the northernmost, mainly German-speaking autonomous province of Italy.

This is so different from the rest of the country that it would be a reason to visit for this alone. Alas, along with being far from our very ideas of Italy—no grand antique monuments, no city bustle, no pizza (!) —, the region is also literally as far and remote as it gets. The closest international airports of some significance are those of Zurich (240 km/150 mi away) and Venice (320 km/200 mi).

The main valley is a sunny, warm, apple- and wine-growing countryside surrounded by spectacular mountains just short of 4000 m high. The pictures appeared on a ten-day stay in September-October 2016.

The Prague and Sexten Dolomites are in the far east, somewhat more Italian part of the same province, best accessible from Venice, while Lake Maggiore and the Val Grande National Park are in the north-east of Piedmont, close to Milan with its two international airports.

Both destinations, though no insider tips, await and award with hidden treasures just a day hike away from the well-trodden paths.

Nine regions in the Dolomites are designated World Natural Heritage areas. The pictures in this photo book are from a visit to one of them in January 2018.

Lake Maggiore is shared between Piedmont, Lombardy and Switzerland. Val Grande in its back country makes up the largest wilderness area in the Alps, if not whole Central Europe. The photographs taken on forays from a hotel base in Cannero Riviera are from early autumn 2018.

Enjoy seamless, edge-to-edge panoramic photographs in lay-flat binding
Ortler/Ortles in the Stelvio NP

The book

The inner pages are made of true, heavy matte photographic paper. It is able of reproducing fine details and a great tonal range with both colour and black-and-white pictures. Its smooth coating also prevents distracting reflections and keeps fingerprints at bay.

The hard cover is coated in stylish, eggshell fabric.

The book shares a simple, understated layout with previous editions in a highly collectible series.

As mentioned above, the book features selected pictures from three journeys' output, Alps High, Dolomiti and Bright Side.

Alps High and Bright Side also contain photographs from Switzerland not included in this edition.

What better occupation, really, than to spend the evening at the fireside with a book, with the wind beating on the windows and the lamp burning bright…

Gustave Flaubert, Madame Bovary

“What's so special about it?”

A very good question!

If you remember the time when photographs had to be developed and possibly printed to be enjoyed, you'd probably know what a difference it made to look at the real thing, not a glimmer on the monitor.

If you know your pictures as digital only, some chains of bytes to dwell on hard disks, or phones, or in the cloud, be prepared for a complete new visual and emotional experience.

The sensation is even more direct than comparing ebooks to their paper brethren. This is like feeling the original painting in a museum rather than only seeing it on a thumbnail image along a Wikipedia article.

Computers and internet are great, but they reduce our perception of the world to sight and hearing. Dare to walk away from your desk and get to know what lies beyond — with all senses.

You may be surprised.

You may even like it.

Submerged church, Lake ReschenHaunold, Sexten DolomitesVillgraten MountainsFlowers in Villa Taranto gardens, Pallanza
Sample pages from Hidden Italy

How to order

This is simple!

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The small format is very handy to hold and pass around but no less impressive at two-thirds the size.
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Relative dimensions of book formats, spread out
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