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"Abstract" is a strange attribute for a landscape. Something real—a landscape in this case—cannot be abstract, by definition.

Abstract ideas exist as thoughts in the mind, and are not related to physical objects or real events and actions.

This is Macmillan Dictionary's explanation of "abstract". If you can see it, it is not abstract.

That is, unless what you see is hard to describe and comprehend, when it turns elusive and becomes but an idea in our mind.

Image by Lencer + Ulamm, via Wikimedia Commons
Where in the world…

This specific idea of a landscape formed in mid-March 2015 in the Highlands of Iceland. You look down the Fossá river valley covered in snow and surrounded by rocks.

Even if you know this, the sight is a puzzle. It mocks your senses. There is no colour clue, no feeling of depth, no aid of perspective. It is silent and cold. Cold is the only sensation you can rely on, everything else is a guess.

It is an odd and fascinating experience, trying to form a world out of faint perception. "This is an outline of an unknown landscape. Describe it in your own words and see it evolve into their meaning."

You get the idea.

Sneak a peek

Iceland's spectacular nature and easy accessibility from both Europe and North America turned the island into an all-year destination, and a quite popular one to boot. However, its interior highland region remains pretty much off-limits for the most part of the year, between mid-September and mid-June.

To my knowledge, your only chance to catch this look would be joining a guided super-jeep tour. Usually there are four scheduled departures in season from February to April. The tours come highly recommended but require staying overnight in mountain huts with little privacy, so be ready for this.

Or, opt for buying this abstract landscape art print from the comfort of your home, and save while at it!

“Why should I buy?”

A rational question to ask! Consider, for example, these reasons to make a decision.

Out of curiosity

The image is intriguing and captivating, a riddle with many solutions, all of them correct, and none complete.

It may appear demanding, asking you for time and attention but rewarding you with new discoveries in return, over and over again.

It is by no means "easy viewing", a visual counterpart to easy listening—instead, it is ambiguous and thought-provoking, and full of surprises.

Despite being black and white by form, it is far from being it by impact—it is nuanced and complex, and open to discussion without clear outcome.

This striking piece will fit into a creative environment, a study, a library, a home or business office, a living room or a studio. It will subtly complement other abstract artwork and keep you keen and focused whenever you need it.

Abstract • For the modern individual(ist), to make a statement
This bold piece would fit best with streamlined interior design

Out of the ordinary

If you are tired of the ordinary, this abstract landscape art edition is for you!

This is a unique and original image print, in an unusual panoramic format, with eye-catching dimensions. It cannot – and will not – remain unnoticed.

With the image in place – the hanging system is included with every mounted option, – rest assured to attract attention and provoke questions and discussions about it. Your visitors are guaranteed to be impressed, just as you are.

Out of interest

Looking at the financial side of your purchase, let the time work for you and make your investment more valuable with every turn of the calendar.

Mind you, this fine art print has a long life ahead of it. You will be able to enjoy it for many years to come, then pass it on to the next generation, a priceless gift in itself, indeed.

“Now I want it!”

Glad you do! Just fill out the form below:

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In short: You cannot go wrong. I wish you a long, happy time with your purchase!

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As you wish

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The original interior image on this page is sourced from public domain via Pixabay.

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