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Take delight in unique and exclusive large art prints, like the one of this stunning sunrise image!

Where in the world…

Savour the view and follow it on a journey to Saglek Fjord within the Torngat Mountains National Park in Labrador, Canada.

It is morning in early September. The chill in the air foretells a close winter, and there is a thin ice layer building up on the water. The ice is going to disappear later in the day, but not for long, no doubt about that.

You can try to imagine how the landscape would change in the next few days, how it would look a mere weeks later, but you cannot be sure, there is no eyewitness account, this is a land of summer, and winter is coming, soon.

Enjoy the instant.

Relive the moment

The park is a pretty remote destination—but you would expect it in Canada. Its name comes from the Inuktitut word meaning "place of spirits".

Your best bet for a visit is joining a cruise ship on a trip along the northern coast of Labrador. Tours which call at the park usually start in St. John's or Quebec City and proceed to Iqaluit or Kangerlussuaq in Greenland, or follow this course in the opposite direction.

Another possibility would be booking a programme with Torngat Mountains Base Camp and Research Station, located just outside the southern park boundary. The facility operates weekly charter flights from Happy Valley-Goose Bay to the nearby Saglek Airport during the short season, end of July through end of August.

A much easier – and more affordable – way is treating yourself to a fine art print of this sunrise image!

“Why should I buy?”

Asking yourself this same question? Glad you are! Here are a few reasons to help you with the answer.

For the joy of it

This is a magnificent sunrise. There is much to like in the image, too.

Its simple composition and symmetry of reflections make for a great balance. Its unusual format and the sheer size add up to an immediate eye-catching effect, further underlined by the bold colours.

As a whole, this striking piece will easily fit into a modern living room or bedroom interior, and even a creative office environment. Once in place—a hanging system is included with all mounted options—it will become a breath of fresh air in your surroundings, a feast for the eyes, an inspiration, and a promise.

Good morning • It sure will look even better in your home
Ignore the furniture—it is not included

For years to come

Handcrafted with utmost attention to detail, this print is manufactured to stand the test of time. It is guaranteed to stay colourfast for a century, no less.

You will be able to enjoy it your whole life and then pass it to your children, establishing a family tradition and building a unique heritage for which new generations will love and remember you.

For happy returns

If you think this art edition is costly, look at it this way: it is not cheap. See it as an investment.

I cannot guarantee that you will make a fortune from it. What I do promise is, the later you buy, the more it will cost. Buying today means saving tomorrow, and saving even more the day after that.

See it as a guarantee for your investment.

“I want it now!”

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In short: You cannot go wrong. I wish you a long and good time with your purchase!

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