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In Plain Light is a monthly-ish e-zine about, well, pretty much everything.

The newsletter is posted online, however, it is not made public before the next issue is out. What you get in your mailbox is a link to the current issue and a roundup of what happened on the site since the last one. To read the issue, simply follow the link.

Every issue has a focus, a topic, which is discussed on different levels and from different points of view. Beside my thoughts, prepare to meet some interesting content and ideas from the web, links to further reading, amusing facts, fun, and (sometimes) nonsense. I promise not to be a bore!

The themes are not necessarily related to photography. In the beginning, they reflect what I am interested in, but you are welcome to comment on my choices and suggest your own. The goal is actually to talk about what matters to you, so your input and feedback are indispensable.

To get an idea of what to expect, be sure to check out the last public issue.

What it is not

What this publication won't be/do:

  • spam
  • disclose your email address to third parties
  • sell you anything
  • waste your time
  • get on your nerves

An issue always requires research, needs to be written, and takes quite some of my time to get done. It might as well be worthwhile.

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