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Fine Art Seascape Photography

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whenever it is a damp, drizzly November in my soul… — then, I account it high time to get to sea as soon as I can.”

Herman Melville, Moby Dick

Well, it is a damp, drizzly November where I write this, so it seems about time to join me to the sea!

10 art seascapes to make you dream

A seascape is a landscape, just not on the land. "A picture of the sea", clarifies the dictionary.

As such, it is often devoid of the variety of colours and features we associate with an attractive landscape image. The more so, the further offshore it is taken.

This doesn't have to be a disadvantage. The open sea is a fascinating subject, notably in panoramic, where the elements rule the world and the viewer gets embraced by the expanse of the negative space.

Follow me to explore some beautiful seascapes across the Arctic and find the inspiration for your own creative ideas!

Where in the world…
(two locations are within the Canadian Arctic Archipelago—drag the map to the northwest)

Be sure to click the Slideshow button on your left to open the images in a full-screen gallery.

Calm infinity

The opening image is a perfect example of an art seascape with just space as its subject.

You could argue that the image lacks the subject and is rather about nothing. Perhaps you are right, on the face of it. But look a bit longer, and you'll discover a powerful and highly emotional display which is truly captivating.

Lay your eyes upon it for a moment—and it will be hard to take them off. The fine tone gradations lead your sight right to the line where the sky and the sea meet, and beyond. The image speaks of calmness, and you can hear and smell the breath of the ocean.

A dedicated page for this art seascape is now available.

Under the iron sea

Though similar in its subject – the void – to the first image, the emotion here is very different. With the sky taking up most of the view, it is easy to fall for the illusion of the picture being turned upside down.

The longer you look at it, the more overwhelming is the feeling. After a while, you can see movement of water in the skies, which seem so much heavier than the smooth sea underneath.

Wing of prey

Steel • East of Spitsbergen

Seemingly the same composition – and the same nothingness – but a completely different effect. The sky is now unmistakably in the right place, and its clouds form a giant wing covering, hiding the sun like in an imminent threat.

The Phantom Menace would be a fitting title ;-)

Something blue

Blue expanse • Off the coast of North Norway

This very peaceful image was captured in the Barents Sea, on a very cold day in late June. It is late evening under the midnight sun, the ship skimming the farthest northern coast of Norway.

The title is a reminiscence of a masterpiece by Russian symbolist artist Arkady Rylov—his painting is also known under the title In the Blue Expanse.

Flying pieces

Exploding sky • Off the coast of Northeast Greenland

Taken under harsher lighting and windchill conditions, this is a very dramatic, in-your-face image. The wide-angle lens creates an illusion of clouds and ice dispersing from the centre in the direction of corners, as if in an explosion. You could swear the horizon is bending upwards.

Deep purple

No sunset • Midnight sun off the coast of North Norway

The same pattern as in Overcast, and just an evening earlier than Blue expanse, with unbelievable colours. The fishing boat and the seagulls add to the sensation, which otherwise would be rather bland.

Through the looking-glass

This is an image which I am quite proud of. The striking backlit scene is decently exposed, and its simple composition does the rest—or vice versa. The sky looks like the mirror image of the sea, the latter being like a mirror itself. Its smooth surface is only disturbed by boat motors, and their traces resemble the clouds above. The wide-angle point of view makes the ship shrink in the vast, unobstructed space.

Heavy metal

Our polar regions are blessed with the most beautiful light I ever witnessed. This image, in no way manipulated, was taken a mere couple of hours into the cruise around Spitsbergen. I ended up with 15 film rolls in as many days, for me an incredible output.


This serene seascape, rendered in toned black and white, is extremely rewarding. Divided in two by the horizon, with the wake to the left and scarce clouds and their reflections on the opposite side, it oozes with balance and assuredness.


Last light • Off Snæfellsnes peninsula, West Iceland

This is a very unusual image in my body of work, and I don't show it very often. I think the colours are a bit too extreme, especially if you consider where this seascape comes from. I wonder how it turned out that sharp, in the dwindling light. Luck?

One does not paint a landscape, a seascape, a figure. One paints an impression of an hour of the day.

Edouard Manet, French impressionist

One photographs that, too.

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J.'s World
Visit my online gallery with many more images, art seascapes and landscapes, from these journeys and others as well.
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