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Entering Lemaire Channel, AntarcticaStriking, large-fomat panoramic Antarctica photo print: click to see in full screen

There are few destinations in the world farther out of reach than Antarctica. First, it is far away from about everywhere. Then, it imposes some restrictive rules on those inclined to visit, and demands prohibitive prices for the privilege of doing so.

Still, the experience is a truly rewarding one and well worth the immense effort. The sights are breathtaking, the wildlife is unique and blissfully unaware of human presence, and the raw excitement of having seen it with your own eyes is plain overwhelming.

“Antarctica has this mythic weight. It resides in the collective unconscious of so many people, and it makes this huge impact, just like outer space. It's like going to the moon.

Jon Krakauer

The scene pictured is from an early afternoon in February on deck of an expedition cruise ship, two weeks into my "epic" Antarctica journey. The ship is entering the Lemaire Channel from the north, Antarctic mainland to its port side, all passengers and expedition staff out.

It is crowded and loud, cameras clicking without a break, the ship slowly finding its way into the strait, it isn't clear yet if the passage is free of ice, everybody is charging to the bow to see for themselves, fine by me, I still haven't got a shot, the short lens on my camera would have probably caught some elbows and heads in the huddle anyway, I rush in the opposite direction, to the aft, and aim backwards standing mid ship, just in time to get the edge of the coastline inside the frame, together with the last visible strip of the horizon, now here goes…

Was it OK? No idea, it will take time before I know for sure. Another week on the ship, three days alone to get home, it is awfully far away, a week to get the films developed, they need to be sent in and back again, so not until then.

I will end up with 400 frames for the whole trip.

Some of my fellow travellers manage to shoot this many every day.

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Where in the world…
Between South America and the Antarctic Circle

The short stretch of water that is Lemaire Channel is one of the absolute tourist highlights in Antarctica. The strait between the Antarctic Peninsula and Booth Island is often calm, rendering its numerous icebergs into a striking panorama on the mirror-like surface.

The same icebergs can at times clog the passage, but if it is free, it is hands down spectacular. If you ever decide to join an Antarctica cruise, be sure to choose an itinerary with intent to visit the spot—some short outings may not get this far south.

Still, like any journey of a lifetime, this one will cost both time and money. Start planning and saving—or buy this beautiful photo print, it is well worth it!

"Fine, but why would I?"

Right on! Think of the following, for instance…

For the way it looks

Rock and ice, a remote and exotic location, a bold composition and its high-contrast, dramatic interpretation—there is much in the picture to impress the viewer.

The extremes within the piece, with the dominant, brightly lit subject against the very dark backdrop, create an intense, enthralling sensation further deepened by the unusual tonality.

The result is brimming over with triumph, delight, excitement, embracing and involving you, firing your dreams and imagination, encouraging your thoughts and ideas.

To reach the effect, the original colour image was converted to black and white, then selenium toned, this is how it ended up being so deep purple. The process, once well-known among photographers, has been all but forgotten with the onset of digital, unfortunately.

This large print will be easily at home in any creative environment and modern, open spaces with no or little furniture, or anywhere in need of uplift and motivation.

Get inspired.

Towering • High-contrast, monochrome, purple
This rocks—combine the print with black or white furniture, metal surfaces, and bold design elements

For the way it is made

If "just good" is not good enough for you, welcome to the exceptional!

Your photo print is in charge of skilful people who do only this—master your very own piece of art. All prints are crafted in a specialized studio/laboratory world-famous for their high-quality output. Over 100 test victories and best-of awards from the international press vouch for the utmost level of attention your order is going to receive.

You would not be able to find a more suitable place, a more dedicated staff, and a finer selection of source materials for your art object.

Be invited.

For the way it will stay

In this day and age, nothing stays for long. We got used to the fact, remain indifferent to constant changes around us, accept the fast pace of time, and let disposables fill our homes. This need not be wrong, it is as it is.

This piece isn't going to change your habits, much less your life in general, but it is something to stay longer.

The way it is designed and crafted will let it withstand the test of time. Accustom yourself to it being close for many years to come. See your children grow up in its presence, then your grandchildren visit on their holidays, or just observe how it changes your mood with the altering light and the seasons, the advancing age, the progressing life.

Soon you will notice that this constant changing lets something else untouched, secure, steady. The thought, the idea, the feeling, the impression, everything in it beyond perception or words will remain the same, timeless.

This print will retain its inner style, hold its ground, stay something to return to, worth returning to when needed.

Rest assured.

“Photographers deal in things which are continually vanishing, and when they have vanished, there is no contrivance on earth which can make them come back again.

Henri Cartier-Bresson

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