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Mountains make great photo subjects, and their pictures – executed right – make great photo prints.

Take this one. With its assuring "yes-we-can" attitude it will be easily at home in any environment, be it a living room in a city loft, a studio in a suburban villa, or a business office where the spirit of motivation is being aimed at.

The setting is late September, and me actually trying to catch up on time after having missed the right trailhead [again on this trip], but failing at it miserably—no wonder with all the scenery around.

So here I am, losing time.

A group of Austrians is passing behind my back heading in the opposite direction, descending, soon to finish, when one of them, the last in the troop, stops and notes "Nice camera!". This comes out of the blue and makes me almost drop the mentioned. Yikes! Frame again, the click, my usual "off-the-neck-and-into-the-bag" camera move [a pain, to tell the truth], a very small talk about the awkwardness of film photography, and I am off.

There are still three hours of walking ahead, uphill, photo breaks not included.

Catch a glance

Where in the world: Ortler's position in the Alps

The mountain pictured is the Ortler/Ortles, with 3,905 m (12,812 ft) the highest summit in the Italian province of Alto Adige, also known as South Tyrol.

The peak is located in the Stelvio National Park near the borders with Switzerland and Austria. Before the World War I, the whole province was part of Austria-Hungary, and the mountain was the latter's highest point.

The autonomous region in Italy which the province constitutes now is quite different from the rest of the country. The people speak mostly German, and culinary delights are far from what many would—rightly—associate with cucina italiana.

To make it clear: no pizza.

The nearest international airports of any significance are those of Zurich (240 km/150 mi away) and Venice (320 km/200 mi). It is also possible to arrive by train on a feeder line to the Transalpine railway Innsbruck-Verona-Bologna, or by bus from both neighbouring countries.

The hiking trail where this picture was taken is one of the most beautiful in the National Park. It is rather short (8 km/5 mi) and not very steep (650 m/2,130 ft altitude difference), can be walked in both directions, and both trailheads are easily accessible by public transport.

The vicinity is full of spectacular mountains, which would make it an ideal, dream holiday destination in summer and winter alike, if not for the schlep to get there.

So, why not just order this mountain photo print and enjoy the view without ever leaving the house?

"But why would I?"

Glad you are asking! Think about some of the following, for example.

Aim high

Any time, every look at this mountain photo print will reward you with a push in your confidence and motivation. The sky is literally the limit here, and the pastel tones subtly add to the feeling of the well-deserved achievement certain to happen after the due work is done.

Start the day with a short glance at it, or have it always in front of your eyes—whenever you seek an inspiration, a creativity thrust, new ideas, or just an injection of extra assurance.

Without fail, you won't be disappointed.

Above • For a lofty feeling at any place

Search high and low

—You won't find a finer execution of a photo print.

If "just good" is not good enough for you, this is the place where it counts. Every print is hand-made to order in a specialised studio, from best materials available, paired with skill and experience unmatched in the industry.

The prints are guaranteed to stay colour-fast for 100 years. Possibly, this is longer than you are able to enjoy them in person. Good news is, your children, and their children in turn will be, remembering you in the process.

All prints are conform to the highest gallery presentation and archival standard, just as you would expect it.

You get the picture.

High value

In a world where everything has its price, you better spend your money on what matters, and is worth it.

Art is probably the last thing we need, has always been, but we know when we need it. If you came to know it, choose wisely.

There is no "cheap" art. As with everything else, something cheap is nothing more than that, so be aware. If you are ready to invest in a piece of art, be sure it is of high value to you, and worth the money.

How can you be? Follow your eyes, and listen to your heart. You will know everything you need, in a moment.

"I am convinced!"

Great! Just fill out the form below:

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In short: You just cannot go wrong. I wish you many happy hours with your purchase!

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