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Iceland landscape panoramic photo print — click to enlarge"Understated, monochrome Iceland landscape — click to see in full screen"

Iceland's landscape may be many things, but first and foremost it is—silence.

It doesn't matter how many tourists invade the country during its short summers (quite a lot, actually). Most visitors tend to gravitate to the same usual spots, places within the reach of day tours from Reykjavík, the capital. Very often people get to know each other on one of these, and then continue meeting again and again for the rest of their holiday with the sickening inevitability of a sure chance.

At the same time, mere steps away from the well-trodden paths lies the vast, dramatic wilderness, deserted and silent, shaped from lava and earth flung skywards in volcanic eruptions and fallen back to the ground, hundreds of times.

Dare to step aside, slow down, stand still. Listen to the gentle rain, the calm wind, the hissing thermal springs, the occasional avalanche. Wait a couple of minutes until the sun shows up, anew, have a look around, see how the world has changed, move forward, repeat.

“Silence, I discover, is something you can actually hear.

Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

Behold. Don't mind the snow, the time is early August. We came to Iceland two days ago, on an afternoon flight, a small group on a hiking tour, spent the first night near the airport and the following day, yesterday, treading around the usual spots, the most usual of all, at times in the torrential rain, arriving at our hut—and into the silence—in the evening.

It took us quite some time to haul all the luggage from the minivan up the slippery slope to our lodging. We cooked dinner and sat outside in the cool twilight, getting used to the calm, listening to silence.

The next, this morning went quietly along, as if the silence embraced us, and we embraced the silence, and stepped into it like in the water, immersed and turned soundless.

You are not lost. It is the sounds that are, they wouldn't carry at all, not in the least.

Hear for yourself

Image by Ninrouter, via Wikimedia Commons
Where in the world…

Iceland is a fantastic destination. Its location in the North Atlantic halfway between North America and Europe makes it easy to reach from both. The main island is the 18th largest in the world, slightly smaller in area than Cuba and approximately as big as Ireland-and-a-fifth.

A prospective visitor is in for something. The country offers a wide variety of landscapes, a rocky shoreline cut by far reaching fjords, a barren wilderness in its highland interior, countless volcanoes along the continental divide, and impressive glaciers all over.

Trees are scarce, but you can still find some forests and even sandy beaches. Swimming in the ocean is allowed, if not advisable for obvious reasons, but natural hot springs are never far away.

If you get tired of loneliness away from anywhere, small villages scattered around the coast will provide a satisfying relief. And Reykjavík, the small capital and the only city, is as cosmopolitan, and vibrant, and fancy as it gets.

The place pictured isn't even that isolated. It is close enough to Reykjavík to afford scheduled bus runs. From the parking lot with several accommodation options, including a hotel, a couple of cabins, and a small camping ground, hiking trails fan out into the colourful mountains, to the hot springs and further beyond, deep into the Highlands.

In any case, Iceland landscape is well worth the effort to see with your own eyes. However, if you cannot afford the time or the means, this photo print will come at a fraction of the cost—and without the need to leave the home.

"Terrific, but why should I buy?"

Glad you are asking! Look at it this way, for instance…

Inner values

On the surface, this is a very simple picture. Clouds, mountains, snow, this is it. What makes it special?

Funnily, the said simplicity does. Simple is beautiful, at least with regard to landscape photography. This photograph is simplicity itself—no colour, plain foreground, in-your-face composition.

But look closer. Yes, it is monochrome, but not black-and-white. It is carefully exposed with very fine tonal details. Its dramatic background is the complete opposite of the part in the front. This contrast creates tension, arouses emotion, and draws interest. Simple as it is, the image is not "easy viewing".

This landscape raises questions, and surprises with subtle details if you take your time to look into it, not only at it.

“Good photography is … just about seeing. You either see, or you don't see.

Elliott Erwitt, French-American photographer

This concerns the viewer as well. Be invited to try and see for yourself!

Kerlingarfjöll • Hear the silence
This is just to show how versatile the picture is. I don't expect your place looking like this, but even if…

On the outside

The execution and the attention your print will receive are beyond any doubt. Here are some keywords to give you a brief outline of what you can expect:

  • the signature, unique panoramic print format, certainly to be noticed by your guests and visitors
  • unrivaled craftsmanship and quality from the world-best photography studio/lab with over 100 test victories under their belt
  • the 75-year guarantee on your print to stay colourfast
  • the unconditional, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee on my fee for twelve full months after delivery (yes, keep the print all the same)

Take my word for it, you won't find anything comparable anywhere else!

Make your choice

If you are looking for some exclusive art to add to your office environment, this photo print will suit you best. Being monochrome, it is discreet enough as not to distract yourself from your daily business, nor your colleagues from theirs. At the same time, its airy and dreamy display will support creativity and imagination both in its immediate surroundings and beyond—test it!

If you consider placing the print in your home, bedrooms are probably the only spaces which would require an extra thought, or two. (This is not to say it will be a problem.) Any other room should be a safe bet.

And if you are still contemplating… Take your time. A reason will present itself when you are ready.

What would it be? A wish to have something beautiful around? Some inspiration for your ideas? Some motivation for your plans? Some luxury for all to admire? Some memories to keep—or to leave?

Some day you will know…

It seems to me we can never give up longing and wishing while we are thoroughly alive. There are certain things we feel to be beautiful and good, and we must hunger after them.

George Eliot, The Mill on the Floss

"I know I want it!"

Glad you do! Just fill out the form below:

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You will be forwarded to PayPal where you complete your order. Remember:

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In short: Your order is perfectly safe. I wish you long, happy hours with your purchase!

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A very personal view

If you like the picture but would prefer the print with a different size and/or another mount or frame, get it produced to your exact requirements!

Just head over to the general order form and request a quote for a custom edition of this Iceland landscape on a photo print.

And if you have a question, or a problem ordering, be sure to get in contact:

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